Hi Everyboddyyyy!
Hi I'm Sips! The real guy, the best guy and this is my Blooooooogg! Wooooooooooo!

((Disclaimer this is an ask blog not actually sips woops))




My butt is getting so toned. It’s fantastic.

Rythian: Let go of me damnit!

he seems pretty short-tempered

My body is ready.

Guy is a special exception

(He’s excellent with human relations)

animals don’t belong anywhere near me

 Dirt is universal. Dirt is infinite. Dirt is eternal.

This requires no explination

This is a beautiful and accurate depiction of myself, thank you.

Oh I knew, I just don’t think he did. //prods collapsed smiffy with foot//

((Hi Hi! Sparce Admin here))

(( Recently my tablet has completely refused to work. I’ve been working on the asks I need to work on, but little by little and now I can’t work on them at all. 

Hopefully I will get a replacement tablet soon! I messaged Wacom about it yesterday and I should receive and e-mail today or tomorrow.

So until then qwq no updates unless Brian admin has more daycare asks he wants but the initial collab stuff will be suspended until I get things working again qwq

I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience! Hope y’all understand qwq <3 

thank you!